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Troy-Bumpas Inn Living Room Gets a Facelift

January 6th, 2012 by Judy Horn

Innkeepers are always busy, but Larry and I have been especially busy these first few days of 2012. We took advantage of a short lull in bookings to give our living room a facelift.

We liked much about the “old” living room, but it was always dark, even on a sunny day. We wanted to keep the walls red, but the red color that was there reminded us of cream of tomato soup. We wanted a livelier red! We also thought long and hard about painting the pine wainscoting. I scoured the Internet for “inspiration” photos of painted wainscoting before we decided to move ahead.

The renovation took us three days to complete. Because we were covering red walls with more red, the walls only required one coat of paint. The dark wainscoting took most of our time. It needed a coat of oil-based primer followed by three (yes, three) coats of semi-gloss latex paint.

A picture does say a thousand words, so I’ve included several shots that will quickly walk you through the project. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The room is now bright and welcoming. As an added benefit, it looks much larger. Let us know what you think! Better yet, come visit us at the Troy-Bumpas Inn in Greensboro, NC, and see for yourself.